November 21, 2010

A Professor Writes to Me

Dear Ms. Evatt,

I read your book The Myth of Free Will today. I loved it.
The selection of essays and quotes as well as the commentaries
are terrific. I particularly appreciated the introduction to
"naturalism," which I associate mainly with Spinoza.
I am a social psychologist at Brown University. For the last
two years, I've kept a blog at Psychology Today. Looking back,
I realize that in many of my posts (especially recent ones),
I have expressed the views of naturalism (perhaps without
quite knowing that I did). If you'd like to take a look, the
link is below.

Thanks again for your terrific and necessary book.

Joachim I. Krueger
Professor of Psychology
Brown University 

NOTE FROM CRIS: Best website about Naturalism: Click on "Allies of Naturalism" to read about me.

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