March 7, 2011

FILM: "The Adjustment Bureau"

In "The Adjustment Bureau," human existence is a mix of fate and free will: individual choice governs things like meal times and daily habits, but a master plan is in place that determines you’ll ultimately do and see and become. Here are three review comments that mirror my thoughts on this film.

"In this film about fate swallowing free will, our lead character never once has to seriously grapple with that trade-off or compromise. He wants his cake, and Nolfi allows him to eat it too. I cannot remember another film with such stark implications that sent me away this bubbly, or assured." —Steven James Snyder on March 3, 2011

"Instead of coming away in deep thought about whether or not free will exists, the biggest question is why you have to wear a hat to be able to turn doorways into magical portholes." —Rick Bentley at The Fresno Bee

"For a movie that wants to be about the battle between fate and free will witnessed through the lens of one man’s life, it feels awfully low-key and safe." —Daniel Carlson, Film Reviewer

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